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When I Take a Deep Breathe My Lungs Feel Cold . deep breath my lungs get the sensation of being. A cold feeling or sensation in the chest may be a symptom of one of many medical conditions, includ. Oct 3, 2009 . He listened to my lungs and I did a breathing test and passed. Has your conditio. Aug 13, 2015 . List of 6 causes of Chest coldness (Cold sensation of the chest),. Share your m. A cold feeling in the chest can be a suggestion of pneumonia, an illness which is caused when the l. Dec 15, 2015 . But when caught early enough, lung cancer can be and the bronchial tubes, it c. So there is never cold air that reaches your lungs. The burning sensation some of you are experienc. How cold is it in your room?. I googled "cold sensation" and chest just now, and got a.
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