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Need a synonym for 'quick learner' or 'fast learner' to put on your resume? Good. And here's why: Both of these phrases are overused buzzwords that will likely . You know you can walk into a job and hit the ground running. To get the job, you need to convince the employer you have no problem with even the steepest of . Sep 26, 2016 . Everyone knows that a resume is one of the most important components of a job application. What many people may not realize is that it's not . Aug 8, 2015 . If the company or organization wants quick learners, often the job. A couple demonstrated it on their resumes by providing timelines of their . I need help saying im a fast learner in a more professional manner if you will. How can I say im a FAST learner on my RESUME in a more a quick study. . There is someone I know who is looking for a job that is stress-free, . Dec 26, 2010 . Here are some resume tips for how to handle overused resume words and a.k.a. Innovative; Fast learner and driven to action a.k.a. Motivated. He understands the job search process, knows how to create a compelling resume and build an effective network.. Quick Guide to Networking for Introverts.Mar 28, 2016 . You do not say it in your resume but you can prove it in your job achievements.. learning capability in your job achievement section. Mention this example only when quick learning was part of the job profile / advertisement.Aug 3, 2012 . “I know I haven't done that job before, but I'm a really fast learner”, so the applicant says. Then I read the resume and can see nothing to back . For example, you want to say that you're adaptable to change and quick to adjust. Of, if you want to highlight the fact that you're a fast learner, give the recruiter a. If you've noticed from my resume, I started off as an intern at my previous job . Apr 12, 2011 . Specify in your resume and cover letter that you are a quick learner who is willing and able to ramp up to speed in learning the job.

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