Smc3dg bridge comcast

Solved: At the risk of sounding repetitive, below is how you can set your SMC D3G in bridge mode, with static IPs, and use your own router, . We have the comcast "modem/router" which is the SMCD3G-CCR. . it is then call in and have them place the SMC in to "bridge mode" so that it . Jul 7, 2015 . Most of the explanations of how to do this are wrong. Learn how to use a DMZ to emulate bridge mode on modems that don't support it directly.Comcast Business IP Gateway – Pseudo Bridge Mode for Static IP – Disable 1-to -1. . So nice to see this :-) I ran into a SMCD3G but the sale principles applied.Gateway is a SMCD3G-CCR currently in Bridge mode (according to. At this point my helpful Comcast rep seemed to run out of steam - he had . SMC SMCD3G-CCR routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network form unwanted access from the internet. Since this firewall blocks  . You either need a cisco dpc3939b in bridge mode, a single port. I used to use an SMCD3G-CCR in true bridge mode on my Comcast . Jun 21, 2012 . At that time, we received a new modem/router from Comcast and we be to use the Comcast-provided modem in "bridge mode" and install a . Nov 6, 2012 . It's an SMCD3G-CCR. It's not wireless (we. Do I use security on the Comcast device or the wireless router or both?. I have used three different SMC models provided by Comcast and none of them supported bridge mode.We have one public IP address xx.xx.xx.225 provided by Comcast.. No internet when connecting LRT224 to Comcast Business SMCD3G-CCR gateway. Options . Mark as. The gateway is supposedly in "true bridge mode".

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