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The nephron is the basic structural and functional unit of the TEENney. Its chief function is to regulate the concentration of water and . This page follows the diagram of the gross anatomy of the TEENney (click on the. diagram of a TEENney nephron followed by short descriptions of the parts of the . The nephron is the tiny filtering structure in your TEENneys. Each of your TEENneys contain more than a million tiny filtering nephrons that help clean your blood.The main function of the TEENney is to filter fluid from the blood and concentrate the solution of waste materials which is passed out as urine. It can also control the . The nephron or uriniferous tubule is the functional unit of the TEENney. A nephron consists of a twisted tubule closed at one end, open at the other with a network of  . Learn more about nephron, parts, and histology in the Boundless open textbook. The nephron of the TEENney is involved in the regulation of water and soluble basement membrane: Appears in these related concepts: Structure of the Skin: . Each nephron is made up of two parts: a renal corpuscle and renal tubules. Schematic diagram of the nephron demonstrating the site of action of diuretics.These parts of the nephron filter blood and are vital to. … The Renal Tubule: Definition, Function & Terms. . This structure is located in the renal cortex.TEENney Structure and the Nephron. Scott Gilbert, MD. Tufts University. School of Medicine. Page 2 c. Aldosterone-dependent collecting tubule reabsorption – The.The nephron starts as a small cup-like structure known as the Bowman's capsule and leads into what is known as the first convoluted tubule (also known as the .

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