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The general schedule (GS) is the predominant pay scale within the United States civil service.. . The GG pay rates are generally identical to published GS pay rates. The GS-1 through GS-7 range ge. Dec 29, 2015 . GG 01 1 343 518, 320.1 520,783 941 524.0 Varies. Pay Band Rate Ranges for 2016. Miami-Fort LauderdaIe-Port St. Lucie, FL 21 .05%.The salary is determined by locality, discipline, grade point average (GPA), and amount of. GG-05 – Undergraduate GPA below 2.95 (Range: $15.68-$16.44)Feb 6, 2015 . Federal civilian pay tables for General Schedule employees outline the pay for each wage grade and each grade???s step.Dec 28, 2016 . All General Schedule (GS) government employees in the U.S. earn more than the base rate pay through locality adjustments. Locality pay rates . Pay & Leave Salaries & Wages. 2016 General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables. For more information. Pay Table, Annual Rate, Hourly Rate, XML Data . The term "pay plan" is intended to include other terms such as pay system, pay schedule, pay scale, pay rates, basic pay schedule, statutory pay system, wage . The General Schedule (GS) payscale for 2016 is the pay scale used by over 70% of white-collar government workers in the United States.The General Schedule (GS) classification and pay system covers the majority of civilian. Within-grade step increases are based on an acceptable level of . Note: The following is a BASE pay scale. All U.S. locations (including Hawaii and Alaska) receive additional pay adjustments above the base pay. To see the .

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