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Jul 28, 2005 . Description: This recall includes Sportcraft Tredex 6.0, TX 440 and TX 550 treadmills. These 155- to 170-pound motorized treadmills are gray in . Aug 20, 2013 . In 2005, Sportcraft recalled three of its treadmill models, the Tredex 6.0, the TX 440 and the TX 550, due to unexpected acceleration of the . I called Sportcraft on 3/31/11 about a recall on my treadmill model tx440 hmr.. I purchased a TX 7.0 treadmill in August 2008 in Wenatchee from Big 5. I use it . Sportcraft TX 4.9 Treadmill Review. treadmill Doctor Note : After Sportcraft's second annual recall for runaway problems, we would run away from this brand.On July 28th, 2005 Sportcraft Ltd., of Mt. Olive, New Jersey announced a recall of about 12,000 Tredex and TX model exercise treadmills. Sportscraft has . Sep 7, 2008 . The Sportcraft TX 4.9 treadmill is a basic low cost model. Sportcraft had to recall two of their treadmills in 2005 and does not even offer the . Shop for Sportcraft TX 440 Treadmill.. THis model and the TX 550 were recalled in 2005 after there were 110 people injured due to the speed increasing . The Sportcraft TX400 is primarily sold at Wal-Mart. Their treadmills have been recalled twice for "unexpectedly accelerating," as noted by the Consumer Product  . July 1, 2005: Nautilus Inc. Recall to Repair Exercise Benches. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Jumpking Inc., of Mesquite, Texas is voluntarily recalling about about. June 4, 2004: Sportcraft Recall of Tredex TreadmillsThis overview will focus on the Sportcraft model 7.0 treadmill. Note that the Sportcraft models 6.0, TX440 and TX550 have been recalled by the manufacturer . For more information on this. How to Troubleshoot a Sportcraft TX 5.0 RC Treadmill.

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