Rory and logan

Rory and Logan is a romance on WB drama Gilmore Girls. They are portrayed by Alexis Bledel and. Nov 22, 2016 . Logan Huntzberger was Rory Gilmore's last boyfriend on Gilmore Girls, and I'm of the mindset that he was also her best (controversial, I know).Dec 12, 2016 . Fans of Gilmore Girls' Netflix revival have landed on a new theory about Rory and Logan that is a bit odd and involves her past — details!Nov 28, 2016 . Rory's character was relatively static—her major plot points (think: cheating with Dean, following Jess to New York, stealing a boat with Logan) . Nov 25, 2016 . Rory is cheating on her boyfriend with Logan in the Gilmore Girls Revival.Nov 28, 2016 . Team Logan fans may not have been too happy about his relationship with Rory in Gilmore Girls. Now the actors are speaking out about the . Nov 29, 2016 . It was a huge leap from where Rory and Logan left things at the end of the original series' seven-season run. In the penultimate episode, Logan . Nov 25, 2016 . Rory Gilmore had three great loves during Gilmore Girls' seven-season run, but Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) was clearly the best of the . May 30, 2007 . Top 10 Rory/Logan moments from season 5 of the TV series Gilmore Girls. Stay tuned because I will be coming out with more top 10s! Dec 4, 2016 . What if Rory and Logan aren't *actually* Lorelai and Christopher?.

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