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Feb 24, 2014 . In my Protected Twitter – I Read You Loud and Clear article I exposed the privacy flaws in protected Twitter accounts, and this article draws on . Jun 29, 2012 . In contrast with a public tweet which is visible to everyone, protected tweets are tweets that can be. If You Want To Unprotect Your Tweets.Dec 7, 2013 . You cannot view someone's tweets if they've protected their account (locked it), unless you are following them. If you view their profile you'll just . Jun 21, 2012 . Arch rivals often restrict themselves in following each others business accounts and prefer to follow opponent's Twitter updates in a stealthy . Jul 2, 2014 . When you create a Twitter account, your profile is public by default. If you want your Twitter to be more private, here's how to use protected . Read more about the difference between public and protected Tweets here.. To unprotect your Tweets, follow the above instructions for web, the Twitter for iOS . Setting aside the stalkerish aspect of this question for just a moment - perhaps another Twitter account you can develop and keep active that might be approved  . To protect the tweets or updates you configure your Twitter account so that tweets are visible to your friends only. Despite this setting in place you can still.Oct 19, 2009 . [UPDATE, Oct. 20, 1:50 p.m.: The Bill Clinton tweets appear to be a leftover from a Clinton impersonator who now resides at @NotBillClinton.Sep 26, 2013 . Do you really understand the difference between a protected and an unprotected account on Twitter? This video explains. No. 5 in a series of .

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