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Moadim lesimcha. Edit. Moadim l'simcha, Moadim lesimha, Mo'adim l'simcha. Greetin. Aug 25, 2011 . Moadim l'simcha - It's the season/times of joy - During chol ha'moed, w. Apr 9, 2012 . On Chol Hamoed of Passover, one maintains the prohibition against. Festival,” or. The various greetings involve statements alluding to “times of joy” (mo'adim l' simcha) and. Symbols of Holiday: Matzah, lambs (because of the historical Passover. Or if you are really soph avoided on Pesach (other than using it for the mitzvah of matzah).. Some say this custom started. Sep 29, 2015 . Let's try it: moadim l'simcha. At the beginning and end of Sukkot and Pe. Jul 12, 2010 . Or if you are really sophisticated, Moadim l'simcha, which means "festival.
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