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Erica Chauvet – Trinity High School to rank 10 different cafeteria foods that are listed on the. May 7, 2012 . File: scatter plots and correlation worksheet.pdf. Haly King Goshen Middle School G. Practice with Scatter Plots. Classify the scatter plots as having a positive, negative, or no corre. Practice plotting points to construct a scatter plot.. 5 5 55 participants are shown below. Plot create a scatter plot displaying the work-life earnings for women/men by education level. Not hi. In this investigation, Brian looks at the changes in movie ticket prices over the last 30 years. Us. Scatter Plots of Linear Functions. Aligned To Common Core Standard: High School Statistics- HSS-. 9.9 Scatter Plots Worksheet. 1. Use the given data to make a scatter plot. Calories and Fat Per Por.
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