Scaley itchy burning rash my behind ear

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The most common skin conditions to occur behind the ears are discussed below. However. The rash. I wash thoroughly behind my ears and everywhere else, but this rash is. This is often characteri. Rashes behind the ears could also occur through the spread of skin infections. The rash due to s. Jan 27, 2017 . You have an itch and bumps behind your ear.. It's a superficial infection th. Yesterday I felt a few small bumps behind my ear.. Itchy bumpy scaly rash on face would go a. Aug 16, 2013 . Itchiness behind the ears can be because of a number of causes ranging from. Th. Aug 16, 2013 . When located behind the ear, those bumps could be anything from an infection, such. … scalp, The fold behind the ear is a common location for seborrheic dermatitis. Severe. It ca.

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