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Code, Description. 1, USA. 2, Canada. 3, Mexico. 4, USA. 5, USA. 6, Australia. 8, Argentina. 9, Bra. The VIN Decoder we created will present a report consisting of several comprehensive and readably f. Japanese used cars exporter based in Tokyo.. Auction Locations · Auction Schedules ·. The CARFAX VIN decoder breaks down everything you need to know about car VIN numbers. Also use the. Mar 6, 2009 . USA: 1, 4 or 5; Canada: 2; Mexico: 3; Japan: J; Korea: K; England: S. The first. Nov 6, 2014 . The VIN decoder shows the manufacturer is Subaru, not Scion. the VIN and the VI. Anyway, cars and trucks are made in over 80 countries and there are over 600 VIN country codes. You. Page Overview. Decoding a Sample VIN; Model Year & Country Codes. 2: Canada. 3A-37: Mexico;.

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